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                                                           Wireless Gigabit Ethernet

Gig-E wireless quotes are often more competitive than traditional land-line Gig-E (Gigabit Ethernet) quotes. Conventional land-line Gigabit Ethernet requires a business location to be within range of a telecom company central office (CO) that has fiber. Not all telecom central offices are fiber-fed and not all businesses are within the required range of the CO to receive Ethernet service. Gig-E wireless quotes do not require a physical land-line connection. Gig-E wireless quotes do not include the costly loop (access) charges that are always included in land-line bandwidth quotes.  

A major factor in determining Gigabit Ethernet wireless quotes is the business location requiring the service. If there are several telecom companies able to provide Gig-E wireless service to a specific business location, the chances are that prices will be very competitive.  

Gig-E wireless circuits provide 1000 Megabits per second (mbps) of bandwidth. A Gigabit Ethernet wireless circuit can support internet access, MPLS networks or point-to-point private lines. Several IT applications can be supported by a Gig-E wireless circuit. Some examples include: voice (telephone), email, audio and video streaming, video conferencing, data transfer and web hosting. A Gig-E wireless circuit is a good choice for businesses that have bandwidth needs above the bandwidth supplied by a DS3 circuit (45 mbps), OC3 circuit (155 mbps), OC12 circuit (622 mbps) or Fast Ethernet circuit (100 mbps).  

If a business requires large point-to-point (private line) connections between locations within a large city, then point-to-point wireless may be an excellent option for cost savings. These circuits originate at fiber intersections and eliminate the loop (access) charge for a point-to-point wireless quote.  

Wireless circuits are very popular as a redundant source of bandwidth. Traditional land-line services are provided via a physical ground circuit directly to an office building or other business location. If an accident or natural disaster breaks this ground connection, it can take hours, days or even weeks for service to be restored. Many companies cannot survive without communicating with their customers, vendors or branch offices for even a short length of time. Wireless circuits enter a building via the air, and are completely independent from the ground connection. A wireless back-up circuit would allow business continuity if the ground connection were broken. Wireless circuits have proven to be so reliable that some companies are even using them for their primary bandwidth connection, and using smaller land-line circuits for back-up bandwidth.  

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